Egremni Beach – Lefkada

Egremni Beach - Lefkada
Egremni or Egremnoi beach is located on the south-western coast of the Ionian island of Lefkada, 38 kilometers from the town of Lefkada and 4 kilometers away from the village of Athani. It is a long beach with sand and small pebbles and crystal clear turquoise sea. It is with no doubt one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Lefkada Island. The Egremnoi beach, according to Travel + Leisure, is one of the “13 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the World”.
Since the construction of an asphalt road during the mid-1990s, this remote beach has become one of the premier tourist destinations on the island, and in Europe as a whole. Following the deadly earthquake that struck the island on Tuesday, November 17th 2015 which killed two elderly women, the entire landscape of the area changed, leaving much of the area which once occupied sunbathers and beach towels, covered in rubble. Before the earthquake, the beach used to be accessible by a long staircase (347 stairs) which has been destroyed together with the access road. Nowadays the most convenient way to access the beach is by boat.

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