Fokos Beach – Mykonos

Fokos Beach - Mykonos

Fokos beach lies in a small cove, in the northern part of Mykonos, right next to Myrsini beach. It is a beautiful, sandy beach with clear blue waters. On either side there are amazing rocks that form a wild landscape and offer a wonderful view of the beach. Fokos is a quiet and secluded bay with no tourist facilities, an ideal destination for those who want moments of relaxation and seclusion away from the organized beaches of the island. One of Mykonos’ “hidden beaches,” free of crowds.

It is located 11 km from Mykonos Chora. To reach it head towards the dam of Fokos and then follow the road signs to Fokos. The last kilometers are on a scenic dirt track. In front of the beach there is a restaurant and a small parking lot.

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