Foneas Beach

Foneas Beach

The lovely pebbled beach of Foneas (meaning killer in Greek) is located close to Kardamili, in the middle of the beautiful route Kalamata-Areopolis. Well-hidden at the end of a gorge provokes visitors with its wild natural beauty and its crystal-clear blue waters. The gorge that the locals call “the Gorge of Noupanti”, has its origin in the mountains, eight kilometers inland, near the Monastery of Vaidenitsa. Despite the tiny coastline, Foneas beach has some idyllic corners to lie down. It is a hidden gem of Messene and a must if you visit the area.

According to legends, it owes its name to a pirate who had been shipwrecked and found shelter in the cave of the beach. To survive, he killed passers-by to rob them. When he managed to repair his ship, he set sail again, leaving a grim legacy of the name.

Foneas beach is located in a small bay, sheltered by rocks and it has a large rock in the middle, which divides it in two parts. It is full of rocks, trees and small caves that create a great scenery. Cliff diving and snorkeling are some of the activities you can enjoy at the beach. The water gets deep quite quickly, so it’s not so good for young children. There aren’t any facilities, however there is a canteen with some tables under the olive trees during summer. Be sure to take umbrella with you, as well as your hat and sunblock. You can easily access it by road, at the end of which there is a parking lot. Foneas tends to be crowded during late July and August and the parking space those months is limited.

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