Kolona Beach – Kythnos

Kolona Beach - Kythnos

Kolona beach is the most famous beach of Kythnos and among the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean. A strip of land about 250 meters long and 80-100 meters wide, connects the island of Kythnos with the small rocky islet of Agios Loukas (St. Luke). This strip separates the sea resulting in two beaches with common sand. The Kolona beach has crystal-clear blue waters, coarse golden sand and it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Both sides of the beach are protected from the winds thus attracting many yacht owners. A part of the beach is organized with parasols and sunbeds.

On the islet stands the small chapel of Agios Loukas. Going up the trail you can enjoy the panoramic views of the spectacular beach and bay. At the other end of the beach there is a tavern serving traditional food, coffee and soft drinks. The beach is located in the northwestern part of the island, about 3km. from Chora. The easiest way to reach it is by sea taxi from Merichas. To reach by road you have to head to the Apokrousi beach and then continue to the left on a dirt road. The road in the last 3 kilometers present a difficulty as several points are inclined and quite narrow.

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