Non organized beaches in Mykonos

The largest of the Deles, Rhenia island is endowed with small coves, for those who succumb to its charms and travel here by private boat or sailboat, as part of a one day excursion. Access to the beach is by boat.


As part of the excursion to the sacred island of Apollo, seize the opportunity to have a swim at its crystal clear small coves. If you prefer sandy beaches, you should know that Fourni is the only sandy beach of Delos. The overnight stay on the island is prohibited. Access to the beach is by boat.


The small island off the coast of Mykonos offers an ideal setting for swimming in the sea caves and the deep blue waters. Tragonissi or Dragonissi is only accessible by private boat.

Access to the beach is by boat.

Vathia Lagada

Situated at the northeast end of Mykonos, 15 km from Chora, Vathia Lagada is among the most difficult to access beaches. The more adventurous will arrive here driving a 4X4 on a rocky dirt road.

Access to the beach is by boat.


A not very easily accessible bay with waters that deepen rapidly and steep cliffs, at the north section of Mykonos, 17 km away from Chora. If you are looking for something different, the “wildness” of the landscape will justify your choice. Nudists, loners and locals prefer it for the unique feeling of isolation it offers. Bring with you water, snacks and anything else you may need. You will reach Fokos following the signs to Ano Mera and Maou. After the dam, the road becomes a rocky dirt road.

Access to the beach is by boat.


A secret known to few, next to Agios Ioannis, 5 km south of Chora. The small cove encircled by the rocks “gazes” towards Delos. Be very careful of the really steep downhill path that starts at the end of the road.

Access to the beach is by boat.


A tiny, serene beach, 8 km away from Ano Mera. Isolated, with pebbles, with no sign of organized facilities, for those who want peace and quiet. Bring with you water and supplies. It requires driving on a dirt road.

Access to the beach is by boat.


Situated next to Tsagari, which however is only accessible by private boat.

Access to the beach is by boat.

Marmaro Kopio

A serene beach, offering complete relaxation right across Marmaronissi, next to Agios Sostis. You will access it by 4X4, up to a certain point and from there you will walk down to the beach. Alternatively, you may also access it by private boat.

Access to the beach is by boat.


An untouched, serene beach with deep emerald green waters and thick sand, next to Fokos, 12 km north of Chora. Umbrellas and sun beds are out of the question here so you will need to bring your own. Mirsini (also known as Mersini) is very friendly to nudists as well. Bring with you water, snacks and anything else you consider necessary.


It is 13 km away from Chora and is for to those who feel like driving on dirt road with a 4X4 or walking, in order to access this isolated beach, after Lia. It is necessary to bring with you water and supplies.

Agios Sostis

It retains the title of the most alternative small cove, north of Chora, 6 km away. The rocky road will lead you to the former nudists’ meeting point with the turquoise waters. There are no umbrellas, sun beds and beach bars. During August the beach is exposed to trade winds.

Megali Ammos

As revealed by its name it is a large sandy beach that was discovered first by the tourists due to its proximity to the Center, on the way to Ornos. Ideal for all those who don’t have a means of transportation as it is very easily accessed on foot. It is 2 km away south of Chora. Susceptible to northern winds, hence appropriate for windsurfing.


“Gone with the wind” could be its motto. Ftelia in the bay of Panormos (9 km north of Chora) is unprotected from the north and due to the raging wind and the high waves there is no competition as far as windsurfing is concerned. The emerald waters and the thick sand rank second since it is the surfers that steal the show.

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It may not be suitable for swimming, however it is preferred by surfers and kite fans because here, at the neighboring beach of Ornos, strong winds blow.

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