Palaiokastritsa - Corfu island

Paleokastritsa is located on the northwest coast of Corfu, 25 km from Corfu Town. It is one of the most famous tourist resorts on the island, mainly due to the fantastic beaches with the clear sea waters and to many lovely coves. They are all nestled beneath the folds of steep verdant slopes of olive groves, cypress trees and citrus orchards. Apart from the natural beauty the historical sights won’t let you down, as there are many sights dating back to the Byzantine era. The castle of Angelokastro sits at the top of a rather large rock and offers a spectacular view of the bays around Palaiokastritsa. The historic monastery of Theotokos is one of the oldest in Corfu, dating to 1225. It is built on a sheer hillside, on the western side of the central bay, facing the Ionian Sea. It is one of the most important religious monuments on Corfu as well as the most visited religious site on the island. It hosts a remarkable collection of Byzantine icons, sacred books, vestments and ecclesiastical heirlooms.

Palaiokastritsa, hands down the island’s most renowned, picturesque, and beautiful beach which stands out for the exceptional scenery. It actually consists of six small coves and beaches with the beach of Agios Spyridon to be, the most famous, biggest and crowded of all. It is a well-organized beach with sun beds, umbrellas, motor boats, watersport and canoes for rent. Here, you can also find some excellent cafés, bars and restaurants for a meal or a drink. There is an organized port where you can hire a boat and visit several lovely bays such as Alypa, Agia Triada, Agios Petros, Ambelakia and Platakia or explore the nearby coves and caves, all great points for diving and snorkeling.

The resort offers a lot of accommodation options. You can find hotels of all categories and prices, apartments, self-catering and studios. Paleokastritsa has long been considered one of the most beautiful resorts in Corfu, therefore attracts thousands of tourists every year.

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