Perivoliou Beach – Skopelos island

Perivoliou Beach - Skopelos island

Skopelos is famous for its marvelous beaches. One of them is Perivoliou beach, in the north of the island, near the village of Glossa. It is a secluded, quiet and wild beach with crystal-clear, turquoise waters and steep rocky cliffs that drop into the ocean. The cliffs, part of the enchanting landscape offer natural shadow the hot summer days. Vulnerable to northern winds it can be very wavy when such winds blow in the area. Considering the sun is on the other side at sunset, as the beach faces North-East, you should go earlier to enjoy the sun. It has the minimal amenities: parasols, loungers and a small bar.

The beach is easily approachable by car. It lies 30 km from the port of Chora and the drive lasts approximately 45 minutes. A picturesque footpath connects it with the village of Glossa. Access for people with special needs is very difficult due to the difficult descent.

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