Seitan Limania – Crete island

Seitan Limania - Crete island

The beach is located on the northeast side of Akrotiri in western Crete, just a short 20 km drive from the city of Chania. It is also called the “Paralia of Stefanou”. The location is also referred to as Agios Raphael, from the church located at the point where the gorge begins, as well as Agios Spyridonas from the old church that is built inside the rock.

The beach consists of thin shingle and sand that is brought there by the regional quarries through the “Diploharalo” gorge. On the two sides rise high marble rocks protecting the bay from the fierce winds. Its turquoise crystal clear water in combination with the landscape create a magical scenery. Next to it are three parallel long and narrow coves, very well protected from the waves.

The name Seitan Limani derives from the Turkish (seitan=devil) and means ports of devil .This name is given to the bay because of the dangerous waves created there. Next to the bay are located three narrow inlets well secured by rough sea.

In order to get to Seitan Limania you have to drive to the village of Rizoskloko. From there, there are small signs that will lead you to the beach. The asphalt road descends and it ends at a parking area that serves the beach. A steep but easy-to-walk path starts from there and within 15-20 minutes walking it ends at this well hidden beach. For the path make sure you wear sneakers.At and around the beach you will find no amenities, which means you will have to carry your water, food or anything else you might need. Try to avoid visiting the beach weekends and any dates at the peak of the tourist season because the beach gets very crowded.

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