An island with rough, mountainous and verdant volumes, hills and plains where four hundred species of flowers and herbs germinate, inhabited by numerous species of rare birds (Bonelli’s eagle, hawks, nightingales, goldfinches, herons, bee-eaters etc). It has picturesque villages and charming beaches. This is the place where the last elephants of Europe lived: The dwarf-elephants appeared in the island 45,000 years ago and disappeared 4,000 years ago.  

The whole island constitutes a vast ecological park and is protected by international treaties. In ancient times, Tilos was famous for its herbs and became really prosperous during the classic period. During that period the famous female poet, Irinna, lived on the island. The island extends over a surface of 63 km2, its coastline is 63 km long and it has 500 inhabitants. It can be reached by ferry from Rhodes.


This is the island’s port and the largest settlement, bearing modern, yet small hotel units as well as rooms to let. If you want to swim, you should head to Erystos coast, which has a sand beach almost 2km long. It’s worth visiting Mikro Chorio [Small Village] (3km NW), which was deserted by the inhabitants in 1970. There are also remnants of a castle, deserted stone-made houses, paved streets, Byzantine churches (Aghia Zoni, Sotiras etc) with a unique ambience housing very old frescos. It is located 2 km SE away from Megalo Chorio. This is the capital of the island and it is located 7 km NW away from the port. It stands out thanks to the simple, island architecture used to construct the stone-made houses. You will enjoy a walk through the narrow alleys. On the top of the hill, there is a medieval fortress, built on the location of the ancient Tilos.

Beaches in Tilos

Agios Andonis – A quiet beach with sand, thin pebble and several rocks, both in and out of the sea. It is nothing special but it is ideal for relaxation, while lying next to the scenic Agios Antonios village. In the sea you can see the ruins of an ancient byzantine cemetery.

Agios Sergios – A small isolated beach located on a closed bay at the southeast edge of Tilos, between tall mountains. It is very picturesque while having clean blue sea, pebble and 1-2 large tamarisks for shade. You can only get here by boat.

Eristos is one of the most famous beaches of Tilos and certainly the largest on the island. It is also one of the few that is easily accessible. Located about 3 km south of Megalo Chorio, the capital that Tilos. The beach is large both in length (about 1.5 km) and wide with trees which will offer you their shade. You will meet a wide golden beach, which in some places is mixed with pebbles and clear blue waters of the beach is cool because sources which flow into the region. Most of the beach is not organized and therefore quiet. However a part of the organization offering features umbrellas and sun loungers, and can enjoy coffee or a quick snack. Access by car is easy following the provincial road towards the beach.

Lethra – A fabulous wide and narrow beach with pebble and clean sea, located just north of Livadia. You can get there through sea with a boat, but there is also a path starting from Livadia if you do not mind walking for 30-40 minutes. There is also a tavern not far from the beach. Be careful because there are often nudists here.

The Livadia beach is the main beach of Tilos, just next to the new port, starting from the village and reaching St. Stephen was the medieval port. Located on the east coast of the island and is about 5 km from the capital, the Grand Village. An ideal destination for those who love swimming and diving and is suitable for families with children. It is a long beach along with its length exceeds one kilometer. The water is crystal clear and usually warm and the pebbles that will meet both on shore and on the sea floor may be difficult for you then. It has sections with organization where you will find umbrellas and sun loungers, changing rooms and showers as well as segments that you can use your own equipment. At the same time, and in some places you can look for the shade and the trees found along the coast. As the beach is within the village, within walking distance from this cafes and restaurants to buy coffee, water, snacks and fast to eat after swimming. Access by car is easy following the provincial road towards the beach. Also there are buses from the Megalo Chorio and Eristos to Livadia.

Plaka – A lovely long and narrow beach at the northwest edge of Tilos with a strip of pebble between the sand and the sea. There are a lot of trees for shade while it gets very few visitors, even during August. Here it is not unlikely to come across free campers.

Skafi – A large desolate beach which is only accessible by sea or a path that starts from Megalo Chorio. It offers, sand and pebble but no natural shade. You can find it at the northern edge of Tilos.

Stavros beach has fine gravel and crystal clear waters. It will be approached by boat or walking.

Tholos – A small stretch of sand and pebble with imposing gray and red rocks at its sides. It can only be reached by boat and it is ideal for seclusion. You will find it a bit west of Agios Sergios.

Sights worth visiting

-The medieval fortress, where there are some remaining relics of the Hellenistic acropolis and the church of Archangel Michael.

-The cave Charkadio (2 km SE), where the remains of dwarf elephants have been discovered (1971). Above the cave, there is the castle of Mesaria (1366), with ruins of settlements and Byzantine churches.The Paleontology Collection is where the bones of dwarf-elephants, drafts, photographs and other informative material regarding the excavations performed in the cave Charkadio are exposed.

-The seaside village Aghios Antonios [Saint Antony] (2 km W), a harbor for fishing and trip boats.

-The Byzantine Monastery of Aghios Panteleimonas (15th century), located in a verdant area, full of giant cypresses and plane-trees (9 km SW). Some Byzantine frescos (13th century) and the woodcut temple (18th century) are saved.


Three-day fair at Aghios Panteleimonas in July and the fair of Koimisi tis Theotokou in the deserted Mikro Chorio, on August 15. Food and great amounts of wine are offered.

Activities in Tilos

-Swimming at the beaches Livadia, Erystos, Aghios Antonios, Plaka, Lethra, Skafi and Theologos.
-Hiking through the old pathways of the island.
-Spear fishing

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