Apollonia - Sifnos island

Apollonia, also known as Stavri is built amphitheatrically on three (3) hills in the heart of the island. It is the capital of Sifnos since 1836 and its commercial and administrative center. Apollonia retains its traditional Cycladic architecture with narrow stone paved alleys, Cycladic style whitewashed houses decorated with beautiful flowers and blue-domed churches. It owes its name to the worship of the god Apollo on the island in the ancient times.

At the central square of Apollonia (the square of Heroes) is housed the Folklore Museum with exhibits from the everyday life and the inhabitant’s occupations in the past such as traditional costumes, textiles, sifnian ceramics and old publications. In the village is also located the Prokos Institution, where many exhibitions are organized during the summer and whose facilities also serve as a place for cultural and other events.

In the main picturesque alley of Apollonia that leads to Katavati (also known as “to steno”) there are many interesting old churches such as the church of the Virgin Mary Uranofora or Geraniofora, the churches of Stavros and Agios Sozontas as well as the monastery of the Theologian of Mougos. In the narrow alley most of the nightlife of the whole island takes place. There you can find many shops selling local products, souvenirs, clothing, jewellery, tavernas, restaurants and bars. Do not forget to taste the local cuisine which is very famous. Wander in its maze of white alleyways and cobbled streets to discover unexpected places, admire its beautiful architecture and feel its friendly atmosphere. From Apollonia you can extend your walk to Artemonias, Ano Petali, Kato Petali and Katavati.

Apollonia is the most central point and from there pass all the buses connecting it with the rest of the villages but also with the beaches of the island. In and around the village there are lots of small family hotels and rooms to let.

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