Tsambika Beach

Tsambika Beach - Rhodes

Tsampika is a lovely beach, one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Rhodes. It stands out for its natural beauty, the deep blue, crystal clear waters and its golden, sandy beach. It is quite long and broad, with the sand filling the whole bay, in and out of the water, creating sand dunes till up the surrounding mountains. It is located 26 kilometers (just over 16 miles) southeast of the city of Rhodes and can be accessed easily either by road or by boats that leave the city of Rhodes and make day trips to the beaches.

A visit to the beach can be combined with a visit to the historic monastery of Panagia Tsambika which rises on the steep 240m high rock above the beach. The view of the sea and the mountains from the top is beyond spectacular. The monastery has always been a pilgrimage destination for women who are having difficulties conceiving. Tsambika is a well-organized beach with sun loungers and parasols for rent, taverns and beach bars. Lovers of watersports will appreciate Tsambika beach too.

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