Marmakas Beach – Ithaki island

Marmakas Beach - Ithaki island

Marmakas beach is located outside Frikes, the northern port of Ithaca. You can get there by a quite passable dirt road that can be carefully crossed even by a conventional car.

The tall eucalypti, are characteristic of Marmakas and give ample shade over the beach. Marmakas got its name from the white pebbles at the bottom of the sea, that shine as if they are made ​​of marble (marmaro – marble).

The water is crystal clear, perfect for swimming, while the scenery is completed by the islet of Agios Nicolaos with the homonymous church, located opposite to the beach.

In Marmakas, otherwise called Robotis, there is a canteen that can provide you with the essentials. On the way from Frikes to Marmakas you will find in some places small paths that lead to nearby beaches, also very beautiful and worth the visit.

Continuing on the road after Marmakas, within walking distance is Alikes, an equally beautiful beach, whose name and description are found in Homer’s works.

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